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Monthly Archives: July 2014

ACTIVITY IN THE VINEYARD and AROUND BATHURST ! (Not much time for blogging @ Renzaglia Wines)

20 July 2014

Winter Winery Wander

15th June

100_8483 100_8482

Besides winter pruning and winemaking we had another fun and successful Winter Winery Wander. Pictured are this years’ WWW musicians from Stannies, Simon Slack-Smith and Hugh Barrett who created a relaxed atmosphere at the Algona function centre.

We were so busy on the day that we forgot to take a picture of the fantastic food prepared by chefs Brian Cook and Sophie Lenz.

   Webb And Co Wine Emporium and Renzaglia Wines Food and Wine Pairing Evening 25th June: Webb and Co image100_8017                                                                 Mariarita Liberati, visiting sommelier from Italia, and I conducted a wine and food matched dinner at Webb and Co for about 40 people. What a fun evening! Mariarita shared her extensive knowledge on how to pair wines with food.

“Unearthed” Boy Band or Soil Scientists at Bella Luna Vineyard? July 11th Soil scientists                                                                                         It’s hard to know for sure if this is a shoot for a new CD from a boy band “the soilies” (as they call themselves) or soil scientists on a field trip, discussing the attributes of our soils in our O’Connell vineyard. I can assure you, though, that it is the latter and what an interesting and informative afternoon it was. We hosted some of the most knowledgeable soil scientists in New South Wales visiting Bathurst for their annual NSW Soil Science Society conference. Their message was reassuring about the suitability of our soils for quality grape growing. I found out that the majority of the area where my vineyard is planted is made up of Red Chromosol soils. They are also known as red brown earths, red podzolic or red duplex soils and are distinguished from other soils by not being strongly acid in their upper B horizons.

nswredchromosolIf not overly cultivated, these soils have favourable physical and chemical properties including excellent drainage which is vitally important for quality wine grapes. Interestingly, the New South Wales Branch of Soil Science Australia selected the Red Chromosols as its state soil. I was informed that these soils occupy some 20% of the state and are used for grazing, cropping and vineyards. When you combine the fact that our soils are described as the soil of NSW and that we are in the middle of the Bathurst Granites, I think that bodes well for the future of quality wines from our vineyard.


Cheese and Wine Masterclass at Abercrombie House July 25th 100_8489   Our last event with Mariarita before she leaves Australia to resume her freelance sommelier work in London will be to hold a  Cheese and Wine Masterclass at the grand old Abercrombie House, Ophir Road Bathurst. Mariarita  has previously run Cheese and Wine Masterclasses at Vinopolis in London. She is eager to match our wines to some Central Ranges and other Aussie cheeses. This event will be run from 5:30pm until 7pm on Friday the 25th July. Tickets are $35 each and are on sale at Bathurst Visitor Information Centre.

Abercrombie house 2


Now its time to get back to pruning and preparing for bottling in early September.


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