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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Like a Yoyo!!!!!

14 November 2014

As part owner, manager and winemaker of Renzaglia Wines, often times I feel a bit like a yoyo.  Because Sandy and I do virtually everything required to successfully run a wine business, my day often consists of running from one place to the other to complete jobs.  For example, first thing this morning I jumped on the computer and responded to e-mails before heading off to Bathurst to deliver some wine.  After that, I went to Vale Creek, where I make my wines, to top up the 2014 reds in barrels and then came back to Bella Luna Vineyard to do some work on my spray unit as well as some de-suckering.  Now of course I am working on my blog.  It wasn’t really a “yoyo day”….more like a full circle.  What a crazy way to make a living….it’s a good thing I love what I do.


It’s not just the day to day operations that result in me feeling like a yoyo.  It’s also the emotions that jump up and down depending on the current happenings.   A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a bit down because of a series of events that occurred including the dry weather and minor frosts,  the amount of bills I had to pay and assorted tales of doom and gloom about the wine industry.

However, this week I am feeling on top of the world…..the reality is I usually am a pretty positive guy but this is even better.

This past Sunday we held Art in the Vines at our home in O’Connell. What a great day.

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Not only did we sell lots of wine, but Sandy and I were both buoyed by the support we received from so many old friends, relatives and acquaintances.  Without naming people, we want you all to know we appreciated your presence and were pleased to see so many of you having a great time.  The music and cool wines seemed to make everybody feel relaxed.  Many thanks to our friend Christine Porter and our new friends, Kris Schubert and Lian Wong who played some fine tunes throughout the afternoon.  Also, many  thanks to Nykki and Peter from the Wholefood Kitchen who barbecued sausages…Next year we will not run out of food.   We had visitors from the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Lithgow, Oberon, Bathurst and of course lots of support from O’Connell folks.   Thank you all for making Art in the Vines at Renzaglia Wines a resounding success.

If you haven’t yet checked out Marg Hogan’s blog Destination Here and Now, now is a good time. Brilliant photographer!  She posted some nice words and pictures from the Art in The Vines Event.


Another major occurrence that lifted my spirit was a great article in the November Qantas Magazine about visiting Bathurst.   And in it there was even a sentence about tasting a nice Mount Panorama Shiraz from Renzaglia Wines. They also said many good thing about our other tourism partners including our friends Tony and Liz at Vale Creek Wines.


Here is the link if you are interested in reading about our little bit of fame and the great activities Bathurst has to offer….…/infligh…/heritageBathurst.pdf

I can’t wait until next year when we will be partnering with the Bathurst Regional Council and other food, wine and arts people to celebrate Bathurst’s 200th year.

I am also excited about a couple of  businesses that are now selling Renzaglia Wines.  One is the Mawhood IGA in Oberon….after a few years we finally have our wines back in Oberon and I am confident Warwick and crew will sell a good deal of our wine.  Please support us by purchasing the Dog’s Day Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon at their shop.

01dogsday_105 cab sauv_1




Also, Brett and Rob at Restaurant 9inety-2wo are now serving our 2013 Semillon Chardonnay.  I am pleased to have this                      wine at one of the finest restaurants in Bathurst.  By the way, keep an eye out for our wines at the other fine restaurants in Bathurst                     including Cobblestone Lane, Webb and Co Beverage Emporium, The Church Bar, The Hub Eatery and Rydges at Mount             Panorama.




Last but not least, please consider signing up for the Club Renzo…

Club Renzo – our wine club

I now have a decent number of people in this wine club as a result of good initial sign up, but I sure could use some more members.  All you have to do is go to Club Renzo on our website, download a membership form, fill it in and send it to me; or just give me a ring on 0413196036 of you want to talk to me about it.  The next case goes out in about two weeks time.

Which reminds me, I better get back to completing my tasting notes and deciding what wines are going into this month’s Club Renzo dozen.



Mark Renzaglia

Renzaglia Wines


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