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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Pruning and Bottling

21 September 2015

Thank god for pneumatic pruners!

 I had a window of a couple of weeks to get the pruning done at our O’Connell vineyard before cramming in two whirlwind days of bottling before heading out to Illinois for two weeks to work at Alto Vineyards, the USA Renzaglia family winery. The pneumatic pruners cut through each cordon like it’s a stick of butter. They’ll even cut through the wires if I’m not careful. Pruning was also sped up by the lack of previous years growth due to late frosts in 2014.



Everything is looking good. Fingers are crossed right now to see how we go with the timing of bud burst and erratic frost events. It’s always a nerve wracking time of year.

And then the bottling…….




100_9002                                                                                                                                                                           We are a little dazed after bottling the 2015 whites and 2014 reds. Apart from being extremely excited about the quality of these vintages, there is now a lot of wine for us to sell. We had better get serious (well that’s what Sandy’s been saying). I am finally now able to hold back some of my wines to let them mature for a decent spell before releasing them. Previously, we have sold out a vintage and have been forced to release the next before I would really prefer to.  It’s all part of slowly building up our little business!

Sauvignon Blanc is back!

We are happy to say that we once again have a Sauvignon Blanc in the bottle and poured it for the first time yesterday at the Tremains Mill Community Open Day. Very happy with it!  If you haven’t heard about the Tremains Mill, there are great plans for the new owner to open his newly acquired group of buildings at the bottom of Keppel Street to the community as part of an exciting historical/cultural precinct. Stay tuned!

sauv blanc 2015

Oh Yeah, also should say we were just awarded two silver medals at the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show. The wines are the 2014 Mt Panorama Estate Chardonnay from Gary and Susan Baxter’s grapes and  2013 Bella Luna Chardonnay from our O’Connell vineyard.

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