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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Cool climate spring garden glory

11 November 2016

There is something incredibly energising when I walk around the garden to see what has come out to greet me each day.

You know how all true gardeners love to share their plants and associate plants in their gardens with people, places and times in their life….  I had to take flower photos so I could share my pleasure and a few of my memories. Pity you can’t smell them!


These iris were shared with me by my neighbour several years ago. Good neighbours!

After an amazing 596mm of rain from January through to September the flowers have been cheering with great splashes of colour.


I remember buying one Dutch iris bulb at a fete in Perthville many years ago. This is one of several patches from that one bulb.


These poppies take turns like the bang and spread of a firework in the sky. They only last for a couple of days but are replaced by the next and then next.


My mother gave me poppy seeds years ago along with many of the plants in our garden. She’s gone now (but not really).

And these roses. I can’t wait each year for their romantic, full bouquet of deep claret abundance, gracing our trellis. My sweet hubby gave me a rose plant each time one of our boys were born.


“Look up here, we’re here”.

Corsican Sweet pea seeds were given to me to try to grow. So excited when they came out in bloom. They have the most delightful fragrance. The same sweet hubby is complaining because I planted them on the vege patch fence and he cant eat them!sweetpea

And my sole, struggling, unwavering tulip. I bought several bulbs more than 13 years ago and being a lazy gardener have never treated them the way I should.


This guy popped out to say “I’m still here”.

What a year for the Ceanothus. The bees were in pollen heaven! Am glad I captured this before the hail storm which knocked all the tiny saphire florettes to the ground.


Then there’s the white chiffon of the poppies, looking out over the vineyard….


     And the daisy bush…..  It has come back into its full glory after almost dying during the last drought.daisys

Lastly, my Augustus Pembroke Eaglebeak Kanga lavender garden….the last time my dad came to stay (he’s gone now too), he helped me gather rocks, dislodging them with his home-made walking stick and we built this garden around an old tractor tyre (a brainwave to solve our disposal problem).

We planted this lavender, which he had previously struck for me and named the garden after the nick names he had been given throughout his colourful life. lavendar

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