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The Renzo Report

Grapevines…..for more than just gossip!

6 March 2016


We picked the Chardonnay at Renzaglia Wines’ Bella Luna vineyard, O’Connell, yesterday.  It’s predictable that as you work your way down the rows with someone opposite, you begin to chat and get to know new people.



We think these two already knew each other! Ken and Robyn Smith

This year we invited  our “Club Renzo” members to join us for harvest and inevitably, they made some new acquaintances.


Alan Pearce and Robert Cameron.


Hugh Gould and Merylin Ballantine



Xiang Lay and Alan Kilgore



Rhonnda and Alan Pearce and their grandchildren


We like to think that our approach to harvesting grapes at Renzaglia Wines brings the community a little closer.




Then we all relaxed over our traditional Renzaglia Wines “pickers morning tea”.


And this is what we all felt like doing after our busy morning but some were luckier than others…..


Club Renzo:





  1. Alan Kilgore

    Not sure why Paul needed a snooze, after all he only drove the quad-bike. Seriously though, it was a real pleasure to be involved in a small way in vintage 2016.

    1. Sandy

      Thanks Alan. We appreciated your help as well as the help from all of the other volunteers. It makes a busy vintage even more fun than it already is. We’ll see you again at blending trials.

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