2019 Shizazz di Renzo

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A different take on our old favourite. 100% whole bunch- crunchy and fun.

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Shizazz di Renzo is made with fruit that we grew at Mt Panorama Estate from our last vintage as the leaseholders on that site. The fruit was hand picked and then fastidiously sorted back at the winery in order to separate those bunches with bitter phenols from those showing favourable phenolics for whole bunch fermentation. The bunches with pleasant phenolics then went to a variable capacity tank where they were lightly stomped before a 100% whole bunch fermentation. The fruit was then macerated with occasional punch overs for 2 months prior to being pressed to barrel. Shizazz then spent 18 months in barrel before being bottled without any fining or filtration.

The label was conceived in collaboration with our good mate Nick Stewart, the head of beverages at one of Sydney’s greatest dining institutions- Ester.

It’s colour is light in comparison to most Shiraz’s you will find on the market today. Aromatically, it’s all about dried herbs and earth backed up by plump satsuma plum and cherry fruit. It’s taught, delicate and carrying some.