W i n e s

R e n z a g l i a

These are our original wines which we have been producing since the Bella Luna vineyard gave us our first meagre harvest in 2002 – we made 3 bottles that year. The Renzaglia range represents value for money. The wines are made to be enjoyed whilst they are young and fresh, while still being able to be cellared.

d i R e n z o

The di Renzo wines focus on maintaining freshness and balancing fruit purity with savoury notes. Preferences for vinification include larger format, inert vessels such as concrete and foudre. These are wines made with grapes purchased from local growers and which explore unique styles through innovative and creative winemaking techniques.

The di Renzo labels present a series of artworks by renowned Hill End artist Luke Sciberras, featuring a range of plant, animal, and insect species that we hope will all thrive on our property as time passes.

S i n g l e V i n e y a r d

To date, these wines have been made exclusively from grapes grown at either our Mount Panorama Estate or Bella Luna Vineyards. They are exceptional wines that are only made in the best vintages from their respective sites. They often spend more time in the winery before release and are fermented and matured in our best cooperage. Although they drink well when released, all our single vineyard wines will improve with careful cellaring.

S i g n u p t o o u r m a i l i n g l i s t .

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