2018 Sam Jan Guy Mosel Riesling

$70.00 inc. GST
A different take on Riesling from this monarch of grape’s spiritual home- The Mosel. Made with a bit of skin contact, an old old foudre and bottling without sulphur.

The fruit was grown organically by a Croatian fellow who lives in Kröv called Andrzej Greszta. From a vineyard by the name of Steffensberg- it’s South West facing, quite steep and on grey slate.

Jan and I purchased the fruit together. 1.5 tonnes total.

The fruit was crushed, and soaked on skins pre-ferment for 3 days prior to being pressed to a stainless tank where it settled overnight. After settling the clear must was racked via gravity down into the cellar and found it’s home for the coming months in a lovely, 30 year old foudre.

At this stage, we had a bunch of solids left in the tank the must was settled in. I moved those solids into a 100L tank and instead of sending them down the drain, fermented them separately.

Both ferments were spontaneous.

When the solids ferment had finished, I added it back into the foudre to rejoin it’s kin.

The wine spent 10 months in the foudre, un-touched until it was bottled without fining, filtration, or any sulphur additions.

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