2020 Rural Method di Renzo

$32.00 inc. GST
Racey pink dancing juice. A fun libation for any occasion.

The first of the grapes harvested in the challenging 2020 vintage, these were Cabernet Franc grapes from Bob Clark’s Boree Lane vineyard. They were picked early to retain crispness and acidity that would allow us to make something we could release young and fresh. 80% of the fruit was foot stomped and then pressed immediately whilst the remainder underwent carbonic maceration for 6 days prior to being blended with the other must. About 10 days later towards the end of ferment, the wine was bottled and capped prior to the completion of primary fermentation. In doing so the wine finished fermenting in the bottle and carbonated the wine.

The wine was then left on its original yeast lees for 10 months before we hand disgorged (what a mess that was) and topped up each bottle with the same wine before the final touch (0.3mL of eau de vie made from our 2020 Gewurztraminer per bottle). Whose idea was all of this, Sam’s of course.

It is unfined, unfiltered and free of any added sulphites.

The challenge in making this wine paid off. An intensely aromatic nose of cherry blossom and strawberry’s is in contrast to the austere and taught mouthfeel. It’s bone dry, racey and tremendously refreshing when served out of ice. Drink it as you would a cleansing ale.


Alcohol:           10.5 %

PH:                  3.20

Total made:     1218 bottles