2021 Rural Method di Renzo

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Racey pink dancing juice. A fun libation for any occasion.

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Made with Nebbiolo grapes purchased from the lush Cargo Road Wines Vineyard. We had concerns this fruit was going to get ripe enough to make table wine in the lush 2021 vintage and fairly early on made the decision that we would be harvesting this fruit to make rose¢. And in fact, we only just got it ripe enough to make bubbles- but what’s come together is a lovely expression of Nebbiolo in our opinion. The fruit was harvested on March 22nd– right before an enormous rain event fell and wiped out much of the fruit still hanging in the Orange region. 1200L was whole bunch pressed to a tank for a long cold settling and the remaining 200L underwent carbonic maceration. The ferment was long, slow and cool- it took 3 weeks in the end. Our intention was to prolong the window for bottling and to allow as much of the solids to settle out as possible. We bottled at a Baume of 0.7 on April 13. The wine then spent 7 months in bottle, on lees prior to being riddled and disgorged by hand on

Made with one of our favourite grapes, Nebbiolo, the 2021 Rural Method is really cool. Very well carbonated, its bead is fine, and the colour is all fun and games. It smells of Maraschino cherries and raspberries. The wine is bright and refreshing and has a small amount of residual sugar which balances the incredibly high acid very well.



Alcohol:            12.8 %

PH:                   3.10

Total made:      101 dozen