Dry Renzano

$40.00 inc. GST
Dry Renzano is a delicious Vermouth made from botanicals we foraged in our local area. Fennel flower is the star alongside many others.
Renzano, our COVID project. Made in conjunction with our good friend Evan Stroeve, a great bloke and an even better bar tender. He is currently running Re, one of Sydney’s most exciting new bars. The dry Renzano was very much inspired by Diego Bonetto (aka The Weedy One) who is a champion of the gastronomic and medicinal applications of many commonly occurring plants that most people would call weeds. We foraged a number of the ingredients from the Central West such as wild fennel flower, lemon scented tea tree, some were supplied by Diegos foraging around Sydney- mugwort, seablite and rock samphire and the rest came from our garden- coriander seed, seville orange and the sweet wormwood.

All in all, we’re thrilled with how the Dry Renzano has turned out. Try it in a martini, or as we like to call it- a Renzini or simply on the rocks with a twist of citrus rind.

Produced on Wiradyuri Land