2023 Murnang di Renzo

$35.00 inc. GST
2023 Murnang is a tribute to one of the most versatile varietals around, Vermentino! It’s been fermented in amphora and was held on skins for around 7 months.

The fateful 2023 Murnang will always be remembered for being the first grapes we picked in the 2023 harvest. The grapes hailed from the First Ridge Vineyard in Mudgee which is one of the most forward thinking vineyards in the region growing an array of exceptional Italian varietals which are so well suited to the Mudgee climate in our opinion. Picked by machine at 2am, Sam stayed back at the vineyard after a day of picking Sangiovese by hand in order to transport these Vermentino grapes back to the winery the following day. On that drive, 5 minutes from home after 2.5 hrs on the road the load shifted and the whole trailer flipped throwing wines and fruit bins all over the road. It was a true debacle and after a number of hours and a number of helpful, passing by hands we got it cleaned up and everyone home safe. The trailer copped a bit of a hit and we lost around 1500kgs of grapes but we did manage to salvage some and along with some juice we had on the back of the ute we still managed to make 1000L of Murnang in 2023. And it is delicious.



Alcohol:            12.2 %

PH:                   3.84

Total made:     111 dozen



Dusting of nutmeg and cinnamon, star fruit and ripe yellow grapefruit, ginger snap biscuits, carrot cake icing. Seaspray, caper prine, minerality. Nashy pear and hay with a degree of charcuterie lending savoury interest at the back end.